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Air Dryer

Air dryer

Horren adsorption dryers will provide you with continuous air at a dew point of -40°C.

Horren chemical dryers are suitable for pressure of up to 16 atm and flow rates of up to 60 m3/min. The dryers are suitable for many different uses in both light and heavy industries, such as defense installations, electronics plants, hi-tech, laboratories, food industries, etc. that require moistureless air at a level of -40°C, while withstanding the difficult environmental conditions of the Israeli climate. Their meticulous and sophisticated design ensures high quality and reliability.

The PSA method dryer uses alumina to adsorb moisture from the air. It is controlled by a smart controller that switches between the columns according to a timer or sensor that measures the dew points in real time, for optimal energy savings and according to customer's needs.